The Future of Broadcast Automation Starts Here

iAutomate has done something great.... 🙂

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iAutomate Features

Easy To Setup

Once your music is loaded, setup takes less than five minutes!

Custom Hot Key Menus

Unlimited hot key menus, 4, 9 or 16 key banks, easy to name, drag and drop to use!

Custom Screen Colors & Layout

Adjust the size of  your log screen, hot keys and search area!

Quick Drag and Drop, Delete and Insert Track Options

You’re always a mouse click or touch screen tap away from making rapid changes across all modules. 

Remotely Control The On Air Screen From Any Computer

Run your on air screen from any location with iAutomate “quick connect” client software. 

Rapid Search Feature

Built in search engine makes finding any song, sweeper, commercial or sound effect quick and easy.

iTrax, Voice Tracking Software, With Segway Editing

VT software with built in mic processing can be setup in less than five minutes 

Request Information

To find out if iAutomate is right for you please fill out this form and one of our representatives will setup a private consultation and demo.